Digestion Massage – North Brisbane Clinic

Digestion Massage there are many reasons to get an abdominal massage, not least of which is that massage of the stomach may help to speed the passage of food through your digestive tract, and assist in the treatment of constipation.

The digestive system is one of the biggest and most important of our bodies systems, and also one that most frequently seems to ‘breakdown.’ The digestive system starts with the mouth and finishes at the anus, and naturally the digestion process starts with the intake of food, and finishes when that food leaves your body out the other end. In a perfect world, our digestive system would run with pristine efficiency, unfortunately it is not a perfect world, and our digestive system is susceptible to several unfavourable factors, both internal and external, that can slow the process, or halt it altogether.

Abdominal massage – or as we call it, digestion massage – is an effective, natural treatment that can help to move food through the digestive system, and help it run with more efficiency. Digestion can be slowed or interrupted through stress, tension or sickness, with the most common side effects being pain, bloating, constipation and gas. Taking laxatives may help in the short term, but as a long term solution, they fall well short.

Laxatives disrupt the process of nutrient absorption, and promotes a lazy bowel and laxative dependency. Massage is an effective, natural alternative as it not only assists in moving food through the digestive system, but it also aids digestive processes, and does not inhibit vital nutrient absorption from the food you eat.

During a digestion massage, pressure is applied in a circular, clockwise motion, and is concentrated on the stomach, large and small intestines, and the muscles which work to stimulate these organs. Not only will this effective massage stimulate the digestive system, but can also assist the colon in moving waste, thus alleviating the pain of constipation.

Aside from the obvious health benefits of efficient digestion, abdominal massage is also effective in treating stress related issues, stimulates your internal organs, helps strengthen weak abdominal muscles, promotes internal heat and releases deep muscle spasm, helps break down scar tissue and promotes a health gut.

While digestion massage is not yet common in Australia, we believe it will catch on, and with so many health benefits, why not give it a go? And to ensure that you stay good and regular, we can even teach you some self massage techniques to try at home!

If you’d like to know more about what Digestive Massage can do for you, why not contact our North Brisbane Clinic on 0422 135 370 and we’ll be only too happy to discuss your massage needs.