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Corporate Massage Programs

Providing employees with a massage in the workplace is an excellent inter-company incentive to keep your employees happy, healthy and secure within the office environment. Massage can form part of an effective corporate wellness plan, and can help to elevate a business, making you an employer of choice within your industry. By showing your employees that they are valued members of the business team, regardless of their position within the corporate structure, you can help to build your reputation, and in turn attract quality employees who are seeking meaningful roles with a supportive employer. Research shows that workplace massage programs significantly reduce the anxiety levels of your employees, leading to greater workplace satisfaction and employee retention.

Aside from boosting morale, office massage days can assist in boosting productivity and reducing absenteeism due to chronic aches and pains. Our therapists are also able to give advice on posture and techniques to alleviate the classic OWS (Office Worker Syndrome – I made that up!) symptoms of sore neck, shoulders and lower back, usually developed after hours of working in front of a computer. Our experienced therapists come to your office and perform seated massage sessions using a specially designed ergonomic chair.

Massages usually last 15-20 minutes, and are performed without oils, and with the client fully clothed, so they are able to return to work after their session is completed. Typically we would set up in an individual room, or quiet space in the office, but if this is not practical massages can also be performed at the employee’s desk, with the use of a specially designed headrest. This option is especially effective in call centres, or in offices with large employee volume. Prior to the day we will supply you with a massage booking sheet, so that your employees can book their time around their schedule, and plan their day accordingly.

There are many reasons why office Massage Days would benefit your business.

  • A cost effective perk for your employees

  • Increased staff loyalty

  • Potentially become an employer of choice, and attract quality job applicants who are eager to work for you

  • Provide your staff with an ongoing sense of security in the workplace, and reduce anxiety levels whilst proving that you value your employees regardless of their position in the business,

  • Increase productivity and reduce absenteeism by relieving stress and tension, and promoting physical and mental wellbeing.

We are able to cater to businesses of any size, and a deposit of 25% will need to be paid at the time of booking.

Not up for providing all of your staff with a massage? Why not start an office Massage Club? Much like an office social club, but without all the arguing over what to do for an outing! Participating employees could choose to contribute to the club on a weekly basis, and once a month (or nominated time frame) our therapists will attend your office to give them a well earned massage. You provide the space and approximately 20 minutes of your employee’s time, and you reap the benefits without the outlay!

Call us at our North Brisbane Clinic now to find out how a Corporate Massage Program could benefit your business.